Sandbox: I tried to assign an order to my fleet but it keeps going back to "Unassigned"

When you assign an order to your fleet, this triggers the Delivery Created Webhook .

  • This webhook endpoint therefore needs to be configured.
  • In the response, you need to return "success:true" and your Delivery ID otherwise Bringg assumes your fleet cannot do the delivery.

NOTE: See the section "What we expect from you in response" of the Delivery Created Webhook page.

When updating the driver location, a 401 Unauthorized message is returned

If you are sending the Update Driver Location API call using the driver's external ID, make sure that the external ID has already been defined in a previous call.

I received a 400 error when I sent the Assign Driver API call

Make sure that you send the "task_id" value as an integer and not as a string.

For example:

  • "task_id": "15823852" is incorrect. It needs to be "task_id": 15823852

The reported time is coming through incorrectly e.g. for 1970

Make sure that you are sending reported_time in milliseconds and in Unix Epoch time.

I received a 404 error when making an API call

Make sure that your call is a POST. If you use GET, you will receive a 404 error.