Delivery Blocks

Delivery blocks are the daily working hours (shifts) when your company delivers to its customers . You can assign delivery blocks to your drivers and/or vehicles, so that Bringg can consider their availability when creating routes with route optimization (RO) or AutoDispatch (AD). Drivers can also sign up for shifts (delivery blocks) directly on their Bringg Driver App.

You can set up regular repeating shift patterns to reflect your capacity to fulfill the demand for your goods and services.You can also define the number of drivers and vehicles required for each shift. For example, create recurring schedules with shifts 9am-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-6pm, and 6-9pm that require 6 drivers each, while weekends might have a different pattern and require fewer drivers.



The ability to add and pair drivers and vehicles through delivery blocks is available only to organizations using Bringg's resource-based optimization.