The Bringg ecosystem for a client typically consists of the following components:

  • Merchant : This is the business using Bringg for delivery logistics e.g. Walmart. Typically, a client will have 2 merchant accounts: one for Staging/Dev and one for Production.
  • Orders : In your system, these become Deliveries. In the Bringg code, these are also referred to as "tasks".
  • Drivers who get assigned to orders and fulfill their delivery. In the Bringg system, a driver is a User object with the param "driver : true"
  • Dispatchers who monitor the orders and drivers. In the Bringg system, a dispatcher is a User object with the param "dispatcher: true"
  • Dashboard where dispatchers can view the status of orders, see where drivers are on a map, and assign orders to drivers
  • Way Point : Stop along the route. Usually there are 2 way points for every order :
    • Pickup/Store/Warehouse
    • Dropoff/Customer

Click here for more information on Bringg entities.