Generate Undelivered Webhooks Report

This API retrieves a list of webhooks which Bringg sent without receiving a confirmation during a specified time period. Bringg tries to send each webhook three times. After a third failed attempt, if the expected response confirmation from the recipient system does not arrive, the webhook is attached to this report.

As a response to this API request, Bringg sends the webhooks report to the email or callback_url included in the request. The report is sent as a link to a CSV file, which begins to download after you log in with your Bringg account details.

You can also automatically access the report by sending an authentication key and the report UUID.

  1. Copy the UUID after the reportId from the callback_url response to this API. For example, if the response is, the reportId is be5fefa1-9b7e-406c-8449-d167a6672d22
  2. Retrieve your login authentication_token by sending this request:
    curl -H "Content-Type: application/json"  
     -XPOST <>  
     -d'{ "email":"\<USER_EMAIL>", "password": "<PASSWORD>" }'
  3. Obtain the link to the report (CSV file) by using the reportId from the callback_url as detailed in step 1 and the authentication_token from step 2:
     curl -v -H "Authorization: Token token=<authentication token>" <\?uuid\=<reportId>

The response is a JSON containing a URL to a short-lived (30 days) CSV file.



Only one copy of the failed webhook will be sent, even if there were multiple attempts to send it.

Webhook Types

To specify which webhooks to include in the report, include a value from this list in the webhook_type array. You can also leave the array null to receive all failed webhooks from the time span you specify in your request.

WebhookSent whenwebhook_type
Any ScanA scan is performed.scan_created
Customer CreatedA new customer is created.customer_created
Arrived to Destination (Check-in)A driver arrives at an order way point.task_checked_in
Cashout CreatedA cashout flow is initiated.task_cashout_created
Customer Opted in to SMSA customer opts in to receive SMS notifications.customer_opted_in
Customer Opted Out of SMSA customer opts out of receiving SMS notifications.customer_opted_out
Customer Tipped DriverA customer tips a driver.customer_tipped
Destination Rescheduled (way point)The scheduled time or time window on a waypoint is updated manually, by the customer, or via API.way_point_schedule_changed
Driver Arrived at DestinationA driver arrives at a way point.way_point_arrived
Driver Changed TypeA user's role is changed.driver_type_changed
Driver Ended BreakA driver ends a break.driver_ended_break
Driver Got HomeA driver returns to their "home" base.driver_got_home
Driver Left HomeA driver leaves their "home" base.driver_left_home
Driver Location UpdatedA driver's location is updated.driver_location_updated
Driver Made ActionA driver completes an action in the Driver App.driver_made_action
Driver on WayA driver is on the way to an order location.driver_on_the_way
Driver Schedule ChangedA driver's shift schedule changed.driver_shift_schedule
Driver Started BreakA driver starts a break.driver_started_break
Driver Unavailable Status ChangedA driver changes their availability status.driver_unavailable_status_changed
Floating Inventory UpdatedA change is made to floating inventory.floating_inventory_updated
Form was Added to OrderA form is completed and added to an order.created_form
Inventory ScannedInventory is scanned.inventory_scanned
Left Destination (Way Point)A driver departs from an order way point.way_point_left
New AlertAn alert is triggered.alert_created
Note was Added to OrderA note, photo, signature, or form is added to an order.note_created
Optimization AppliedRoute optimization is completed.route_optimization_done
Order Accepted by CarrierA carrier accepts an order.accepted_by_fleet
Order Accepted by DriverA driver accepts an order.task_accepted
Order AcknowledgedA dispatcher acknowledges an order in the Bringg platform (when the Acknowledge Flow is active).task_acknowledged
Order Assigned to CarrierAn order is assigned to a carrier.task_assigned_to_dp
Order Assigned To DriverAn order is assigned to a driver.driver_assigned
Order CancelledAn order is canceled.task_cancelled
Order CreatedA new order is created.task_created
Order Custom Attribute ChangedA change is made to a custom attribute (extras) attached to an order.task_extras_changed
Order DoneAn order is completed.task_done
Order ETA ChangedAn order's estimated time of arrival changes.way_point_eta_changed
Order Marked LateAn order is not completed by the scheduled time.task_late
Order Payment CreatedA payment is completed.task_payment_created
Order Preparation Status ChangedThe preparation status of an order is changed.task_preparation_changed
Orders Ready to be ExecutedOrders in Planning are marked as "ready to execute."tasks_sent_to_driver
Order Reassigned with ReasonA dispatcher reassigns a driver and includes a reason.order_reassigned_with_reason
Order Rejected By DriverA driver rejects an order.task_rejected_order
Order Unassigned from DriverAn order is unassigned from a driver.driver_unassigned
Planning DoneA set of orders are added to a route and marked as "Done Planning".runs_planning_done
Rating SubmittedA customer has rated their order experience.rating_submitted
Route Plan UpdatedA route is updated manually or automatically using route optimization.route_plan_updated
Run EndedA driver finishes a route.run_ended
Run StartedA driver starts a route.run_started
Shared Location Created (SMS Sent)A driver's location is shared with a customer.shared_location_created
Shift Ended for DriverA driver ends a shift.driver_ended_shift
Shift Started for DriverA driver starts a shift.started_shift
User CreatedA user is created in Bringg.user_created
Way Point Scheduled Arrival UpdatedThe scheduled_at field is updated manually or using Route Optimization.way_point_scheduled_arrival_updated