Driver Got Home

This webhook is triggered when the driver is marked home (arrives at their base).
This endpoint receives detailed information describing the driver's arrival at the way point..


Register Your URL for this Webhook

To start receiving webhooks from Bringg, you must first register a URL. Detailed guidance on setting up and managing Bringg webhooks is available in the following resources:

	"id": 1182953,
	"name": "Israel Driver",
	"status": "online",
	"sub": "Free",
	"lat": 32.0786483,
	"lng": 34.7689644,
	"phone": "+9725844465235",
	"merchant_id": 11473,
	"profile_image": "/images/avatar.png",
	"admin": false,
	"dispatcher": false,
	"beta": false,
	"email": "[email protected]",
	"job_description": "",
	"external_id": "1182953",
	"active_shift_id": 8262402,
	"driver_current_sign_in_at": "2019-12-02T15:28:52.000Z",
	"driver_sign_in_count": 2,
	"uuid": "492ccecd-2a81-4175-8846-540ae0ae6c2b",
	"battery": 0,
	"average_rating": 0,
	"driver": true,
	"estimated_last_lat": 0,
	"estimated_last_lng": 0,
	"estimated_last_address": "",
	"at_home": true,
	"team_ids": [31359],
	"user_type_id": null,
	"vehicle_type_id": null,
	"language": "",
	"default_user_activity": 5,
	"authorization_flags": {},
	"private_vehicle": true,
	"in_beacon_range": false