Shared Location Override Application

Setting up and using Shared Location Override Application (push to app)

The Shared Location Override bringg app (tm) is an application that allows overriding SMS sending on shared location with other alternatives, most commonly a push message to a native app.

After installing the app, it should be further configured with the url for the callback to be used instead of SMS. The callback will include the following data:

message: text message to be sent
message_id: unique uuid for the shared location
task_id: related task id
way_point_id: related way point id
customer_id: related customer id
sharing_method: see below for method types
options: { 
  id: shared location id
  uuid: shared location uuid
  url: shared location url to show

Application ID: f8b6d7e6-bbeb-4468-be51-fb012d001fe3


  • notifySharedTaskUrl - the url to call with the data to be sent. Url can include the following parameters that will be translated to real values:
    • :task_id
    • :way_point_id
    • :customer_id

The callback will include the following values:
id: task id
url: the shared url
share_uuid: uuid of the share
share_type: sharing method


Sharign Methods:

  1. SMS
  2. Email
  3. Customer SDK