Create Customer

Create a Customer

The Create Customer endpoint creates a new customer entity. The customer must be created with either phone or e-mail.
If a customer with the same phone or e-mail exists - the existing customer will be updated and returned and a new customer won't be created.


What is Customer?

A customer is a person waiting somewhere. This is the person we don’t want to be waiting unknowingly: whether they are the restaurant waiting for the driver pick up or the consumer waiting for their food - they are both contacts the driver will see and will communicate with.


What is Confirmation Code?

This is a String, generated by you, that is used to help in the verification of the customer's identity when authenticating by phone number.


Using the Mobile SDK

if you are using the mobile sdk and would want to sign-in your customer using bringg, your create customer request must include:

  1. confirmation_code.
  2. allow_login : true
curl --include \
     --request POST \
     --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
     --data-binary "{ \"company_id\": 1, \"name\": \"Ralph M. Anderson\", \"email\": \"[email protected]\", \"address\": \"3895 Ray Court Pinehurst, NC 28374\", \"phone\": \"910-295-9731\", \"lat\": 32.453453, \"lan\": 34.434233, \"timestamp\":\"1414421210832\", \"access_token\":\"K2Pxkwvx6-3PtW44zvEV\", \"signature\":\"db00061fa75f869c968f72d48449e457ae06959a\"}" \