About Bringg

Bringg : The Delivery Orchestration Platform

Bringg is a delivery orchestration platform and comprehensive logistics solution. Bringg uses a robust set of modules and features to Bringg something to someone who is waiting.

Bringg empowers order delivery (products and services) connecting merchants with customers who are waiting and drivers (anyone going to a customer to deliver a product, pick up a product, or preform a service).

Merchants Manage Delivery Logistics through

Customers Enjoy An Out-Of-The-Box Experience with

A variety of features, including:

  • live GPS tracking of the driver on maps
  • SMS alerts and emails about their order status and the driver location
  • communications with the driver

Drivers Use The Bringg Driver App (native mobile) for

Among others:

  • GPS tracking of the driver
  • Starting and ending a shift
  • Accepting and rejecting orders
  • Recording proof of delivery (photos, signatures)
  • Tracking and scanning inventory
  • Communicating with customers and merchants.