Bringg Tags


Bringg Tags are configurations you can define to customize the following:


You can create multiple Bringg Tags of each type.

Customer App Tags

Use Customer App tags to customize the customer app interface, including:

  • Tracking Page Logo
  • Email Logo
  • Drive Pin (on the map)
  • Destination Pin (on the map)
  • Base Color
  • Font Color
  • Email Base Color
  • Allow the customer to rate the driver (enable/disable)

Customer Configuration Tags

Use the customer configurations tags to customize SMS alerts and the tracking URL.

The sharing modes for SMS alerts include the following:

  • All Methods
  • Only via email
  • Only via phone
  • Do not share with customer

The SMS alerts you can confugure are the following:

  • SMS Alert On Route Started
  • SMS Alert On Order Created
  • SMS Alert On Order Started
  • SMS Alert On Driver Arrival
  • Reschedule SMS
  • SMS Alert On Driver Leaving - configure this alert as one of the following:
    • Never
    • On every checkout
    • On every checkout if was not rated)
    • SMS Alert On Order Late

For each SMS alert, create customized text using Bringg SMS text variables. Insert Bringg SMS text variables in SMS text and the value of the variable is used in the SMS.


A Bringg SMS Text Variable Example

For example, an SMS sent for order #49023 to a customer whose first name is John uses the following text:

Hi #first_name, Your order (#id) is on the way.

The SMS that is sent is the following:

Hi John, Your order (#49023) is on the way.

Bringg SMS variables include the following:

VariableValue Inserted in SMS
#addressThe delivery address.
#customerThe customer name.
#first_nameThe customer's first name.
#idThe order Id.
#jobThe job description of the driver.
#linkThe tracking URL.
#merchantThe Company Name
#team_descriptionThe description of the team.
#time_windowThe order's delivery time window.
#titleThe order title.
#userThe driver's name.
#way_point_customerThe way point's customer's name.

Drive App Tags

Use Drive App tags to configure the actions for driver as either:

  • Not allowed
  • After arrival

The configurable driver actions, including:

  • Take a payment
  • Take a picture
  • Take a note
  • Take a signature
  • Take a scan
  • Use OCR

Cancellation Flow Configuration Tags

Use Cancellation Flow Configuration tags to create cancellation reasons, including:

  • Text - text for a cancellation reason
  • Order Type - the type of order to which the cancellation applies, including:
    • Default
    • Pick Up
    • Drop Off
    • Pick Up and Drop Off
  • Mandatory Actions - the action required for the driver, including:
    • Take Picture
    • Take Note
    • Take Signature