Getting Started

Use these set up instructions to configure the Bringg Driver SDK for Android in your projects.


Looking for some code?

See our Driver SDK Example app for full working implementation examples on all available SDK features.

Configuration Steps

In your build.gradle:

  1. Add the SDK as a dependency:
    Check the latest SDK version [here] (
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.bringg:driver_sdk:latest_bringg_sdk_version'

Instantiate DriverSdkProvider

To use the Bringg Driver SDK for Android, you must first instantiate the DriverSdkProvider.

DriverSdkProvider.init(applicationContext, foregroundServiceNotificationProvider)

Once the SDK provider is initialized, you can use the Bringg Driver SDK for Android methods anywhere by getting a DriverSdk instance using:



You must instantiate the DriverSdk prior to calling DriverSdkProvider.driverSdk()

Calling Bringg Driver SDK for Android methods before initializing the SDK will throw DriverSdkNotInitializedException

What’s Next

After initializing DriverSdkProvider you can log-in to the Bringg Platform as a driver.