The Basic Workflow


Create the people, business, or organization required for an order:

  • the customer who places the order, including name and address for geolocation
  • the driver who is Bringging the order to someone waiting (the driver must have the Bringg Driver App installed and be signed into Bringg).


An order can be placed by a new or existing customer.

Basic Workflow

Delivery an order to a customer who is waiting for a driver to arrive:

  1. A customer places an order.
  • The order is assigned to a driver.
  • The driver accepts the order.
  • The order is added to the driver's task list.
  • When the driver is ready, the driver updates the order to started.
  • The customer receives an SMS or email notification that the driver is on the way.
  • The customer can track and communicate with the driver.
  • When the driver arrives at the customer location, the driver updates the order to driver arrived at location.
  • The customer is notified that the driver arrived.
  • The driver drops off the delivery.
  • The driver adds any required proof of delivery to the order.
  • The driver updates the order as completed.