Frequently Asked Questions on using Bringg API

What is a Developer Key?

Developer key is a pair of unique Access Token and Secret Key given to you as your unique identifier when calling Bringg’s API.

Why do I need a Developer Key?

If you would like to integrate your products with Bringg, you will need to call our API by using your developer key.

Which calls can I make to Bringg and where can I find them documented?

There are a lot of calls that you can call when using Bringg’s API.
You can find all about them here.

In which format should I send my request?

We provide a REST API accepting query parameters and responding with JSON object’s parameters.

How do I sign each call?

Read about our Authentication.

Do I need to register to Bringg before I apply for a Developer Key?

No. If you didn’t register yet, we will do it automatically when generating your developer key.

How do I connect my online ordering system with the Bringg platform?

You will need to:

  • Get a Developer Key
  • Call Bringg’s API to create orders on the Bringg platform

What are the minimum requirements to integrate my system with Bringg?

No requirements!
Just embed a couple of lines of on your code. No software, no servers required.

I’m using Zuppler as my online ordering system, do I still need to have a Developer Key?

No, Bringg & Zuppler are already integrated. Please contact your account manager at Zuppler for additional information or contact us for additional information.

I’ve received 401 error, what could be the problem?

You are not authorized for this action. please check again your authentication, or contact us for assistant.

I have my own mobile app and would like to integrate Bringg’s solution in my mobile app, is there a way to do it?

Yes, we enable integrating our solution into your own mobile app.
Read more to see how.


Frequently Asked Questions on using Bringg API