Pickup at Store SDK for React Native

A react native wrapper for the native Pickup at Store SDKs (iOS and Android).


The Pickup at Store SDK for react native is a wrapper SDK for the native iOS and Android Driver SDKs and currently exposes APIs for the Pickup at Store flow.

Getting started

Follow the getting started instructions in the SDK repo.
Getting Started


Basic Workflow

  1. User (customer) logs in your app.
  2. Your server authenticates the user in your system and then in Bringg.
  3. Bringg returns authentication and authorization tokens to your server.
  4. Your server creates a task in Bringg.
  5. Your server sends the task ID to your app.
  6. User starts the task, using the SDK with the authorization token and task ID, and is assigned an identifying number and color.
  7. User ETA and tracking displays in Bringg system.
  8. User status changes to "arrived at store" via manual or automatic check-in from the SDK.
  9. Bringg system receives alert of user arrival, including identifying color and number.
  10. User status changes to "left store" via manual or automatic checkout from the SDK.