Driver SDK for Android (Deprecated)


This version of Driver SDK for Android will be deprecated

The SDK is still active, however new functionality and bug fixes are no longer supported.

Use the new SDK version


The Bringg Driver SDK for Android allows you to integrate Bringg functionality into your own Android apps. You can customize your apps for real-time shift, task, and way point events, as well as handling event status and many additional customization. The Bringg Driver SDK for Android provides the internal functionality and your own app uses the methods.

Use these set up instructions to configure the Bringg Driver SDK for Android in your projects.


Instantiate the BringgDriverSDK

BringgDriverSDK instantiation and use features for:


Refresh your configuration to initialize the state of your app

User Access

User access management using features for:


Driver region information

Driver Information

Driver information using features for:


Shift management using features for:


Task management using features for:

Reporting Driver Location

Report driver location