WebhookTrigger Event
Shipment createdA new shipment has been created in Delivery Hub.
Status: New
Shipment ready to shipA carrier has been booked for this shipment.
Status: Ready to Ship
Shipment picked upThe carrier has picked up the shipment.
Status: Picked Up
Shipment in transitThe shipment is on its journey to the customer.
Status: In Transit
Shipment out for deliveryThe shipment is with a driver and is scheduled to be delivered on the same day.
Status: Out for Delivery
Shipment deliveredThe shipment has been delivered to the customer's address.
Status: Delivered
Shipment exceptionThere is a delay or other problem with the shipment. Carriers usually include more details, which are included as a description in this webhook.
Status: Exception
(Coming soon) Shipment rejected by carrier- The manually assigned carrier has rejected the shipment.
- When Shipping Rules are active and the shipment meets the conditions for a rule: all carriers listed as options have rejected the shipment.