barcodestringThe standardized product identifier to be scanned by the carrier.2-225 characters
countnumber (double)The amount or number of a specific product purchased.Required,
Positive integer
country_of_originstringTwo letter ISO country code of the manufacturer.Two-letter ISO country code. Learn more.
descriptionstringA description of the product (required for international shipping).1-225 characters
dim_unitsstringThe unit used to measure dimensions in this order.Required,
Possible values:
mm cm m km inch foot mile
harmonized_codestring(International shipping). The standardized product classification used for customs and compliance.8 digits
heightnumber (double)The product height.Required,
Positive decimal
idnumber (double)The ID of this object in Delivery Hub.Valid uuid
image_urlstringThe URL of an image of the product.URL
lengthnumber (double)The product length.Required,
Positive decimal
namestringThe product name.Required,
1-225 characters
order_idnumber (double)Bringg's ID for this order.-
pricenumber (double)The price of the product as charged to the customer. Formatted to include cents. For example, a value of 25000 using USD as currency would appear as $250.00 in the Delivery Hub UI.Required,
Positive Integer,
Can be 0
skustringThe product's Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), an identifier used to track inventory and sales.2-225 characters
source_idstringYour source system's ID for this product.Required,
Valid uuid
special_servicesobjectSpecial services on the product level, such as fragile.-
weightnumber (double)The product weight.Required,
Positive decimal
weight_unitsstringThe unit used to measure weight in this order.Required,
Possible values:
g kg t lb oz
widthnumber (double)The product width.Required,
Positive decimal