billing_addressobjectThe address of the customer billed for this order. See Address.Required
currencystringThe currency used for transactions in this order.Required
customerobjectThe customer's contact details. See Customer.Required
deliver_bystringThe date and time by which the order should be delivered.-
fulfillmentsarray of objectsThe fulfillments that belong to this order,
listed as an array. Delivery Hub displays
each fulfillment only in the shipping location
where a packer will fulfill that part of the order. See Fulfillment.
idnumber (double)The ID of this object in Delivery Hub.Valid UUID
items_countnumber (double)The total number of items included in this object.-
namestringThe order name, often formatted as a combination of OMS name, ID number, timestamp, or carrier.1-225 characters
notesarrayAdditional order details, such as additional address instructions.2-225 characters
productsarray of objectsThe products included in this order. See Product.Required
source_idstringYour source system's ID for this order.-
statusstringThe status of this order in Delivery Hub.-
tipnumber (double)The tip (gratuity) paid to the driver by the customer.-
total_pricenumber (double)The total price of this order, used for shipping rules and display in customer-facing documentation.Required, Positive integer
total_weightnumber (double)The total weight of all products in this order.-
user_idnumber (double)When relevant, the ID of the user who implemented a change. For example, this could be the ID of the user who created a shipment.Valid UUID